Axelor ERP

Free up your business with true Open Source ERP

Optimize your time, reduce costs, and manage your entire business at a glance

Axelor ERP is a powerful, scalable and easily customizable Open Source ERP system with more than 30 integrated business applications.

Benefit from optimized ergonomics for a better user experience and enjoy the advantages of a modern all-in-one solution without the rigidity of traditional ERP.

For even more flexibility, Axelor ERP offers both a cloud and on-premises offer. You can start in the cloud, and return at any time to your own servers or another host: total freedom guaranteed

Exceptional functional         richness

 Axelor ERP best fits your needs with more than 30 applications that you can install or not according to your use.

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Keep control of your data and application

With an Open Source management software, you have the source codes and thus keep control of the life cycle of your ERP. Axelor ERP is truly Open Source: no hidden costs or proprietary modules.

A modular ERP at all levels

Open Source: A perfectly known, understandable and editable code

An innovative and flexible architecture

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An integrated BPM: adapt the ERP to your needs in real time

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Keep all the benefits without the disadvantages

Axelor ERP is not only Open Source. You benefit from a solid publisher who provides you with professional support and guarantees. Keep the benefits of Open Source and proprietary solutions.

A free community version

The basic software is Open Source and free of charge. Only optional services are charged : Cloud, Support and more.

Access our sources on Github :


Technical Platform

Webinar – Axelor Demonstration Thursday, Nov. 18th - 12:30 PM (CET)
With IA functionalities, ERP, BPM, Automatisation, Full web and responsive app, grab your growth and discover why Axelor is just like no others on the market. The demonstration is animated by our expert adviser and will be followed by a question-and-answer session.