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Axelor offers a powerful, flexible, and easily customizable Open-Source ERP solution with more than 30 integrated business applications. Enjoy optimized ergonomics for a better user experience and benefit from the advantages of a modern all-in-one solution without the rigidity of a traditional ERP.

A Complete Functional Coverage

Axelor ERP meets your needs in the best possible way thanks to more than 30 applications that you can install according to your needs and your use. Invoicing, Accounting, CRM, Production, Project Management… Each module can work alone, and communicates directly with the other modules, according to your business processes and your needs.

Each module includes advanced features that provide some of the broadest functional coverage on the market.

CRM integration

The Axelor platform includes a CRM that integrates seamlessly with all the other modules. You can thus build a complete sales cycle, from prospecting to invoicing, including estimates. In addition, the Axelor platform handles management case by case.

Customer & Supplier Portal

Turn your ERP into a hub to easily communicate with your suppliers and customers through the customer and supplier portals. You can post purchase requests, get quotes, and make invoices available.

Full Web Business Applications

Whatever your computer equipment, Axelor platform applications are Full-web, and totally responsive. You can thus access all the business applications from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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One of the most versatile ERPs on the market



Public Sector


One of the most versatile ERPs on the market


Public Sector

What Our Customers Say

As a player in the industrial sector, our activity is based on structured and constantly evolving business processes, so we had to find a tool that could ensure their sustainability. This was the case with Axelor.

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Adrien Guichard

President of CITEL

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A Studio for Customized Applications

Axelor integrates a studio module that allows you to customize the views and fields of each application by simply dragging and dropping. Thus, you can deploy a business management solution that is perfectly adapted to your work processes.

Integrated Low-code BPM

Axelor is the only ERP to integrate a Low-code/No-code BPM in its design. You can model any business process, even the most complex ones, and deploy the process in one of the business applications, without code!

Connectors for everything (or almost…)

The Axelor platform is fully RESTful, allowing it to interface with any API. And you can already use the set of ready-to-use connectors for Office 365, Gmail, accounting software, OCR…

An Editor at Your Side to Optimize Your Processes

All the Freedom of Open-Source

What makes the Axelor platform unique is, above all, its philosophy. We integrate the latest Open-Source technologies, and we offer the Axelor low-code platform and the 30 business applications in Open Source, all downloadable for free.

Open-Source is also an active community and a forum to exchange and ask your questions.

A Large Network of Partners

Axelor has established partnerships with many integrators in France and around the world. We are thus able to support you whatever your sector or wherever you are in the world. Each of our partners is recognized for their expertise in project management and ERP implementation and they have benefited from in-depth technical and functional training.

Resources for Free Training

To discover the ergonomics of the Axelor platform, or to learn about all of the modules’ functionalities, we make videos available on our YouTube channel. You can thus discover an overview of the modules or follow the tutorials to become an expert of any given functionality.

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