Budget management

Manage your budgets in real time with Axelor

Easily develop your overall budgets

Build your budget plan by creating detailed, multi-level budgets broken down into groups, sections and headings for highly accurate tracking. The budget validation workflow is customizable and allows for modifications and adjustments before operation.

To save time, you can define budget templates or easily import your existing budgets into Axelor’s budget software.

Advanced budget planning

Gain better visibility on your costs and profitability by having the capability to plan and track your budgets over any time frame and horizon. Manage both short-term budgets, by defining weekly or monthly budgets for day-to-day control, as well as long-term budgets, by creating strategic semi-annual or annual budgets.

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Automatically allocate your budgets

You can define budget keys that will allow budget allocation via an automatic feed. From a quote, an order, or an invoice, the system can automatically reconcile the budget line with the product line, and directly allocate the amount entered in the budget.

You no longer have to enter data manually, the budget management software takes care of everything.

Follow the evolution of your budgets

Save time by entering your data just once. The budget management software will then automatically monitor the budgets for you throughout the predetermined period. Visualize on each budget the amounts planned, committed, and actually realized to improve the management of your activity, thus facilitating the decision-making thanks to relevant and detailed information, updated in real-time.

Analyze all your costs precisely

Axelor allows a distribution of each budget line on different analytical axes. This distribution can be automated thanks to the creation of analytical distribution models.
Thanks to reports and the integration of an OLAP data cube, you can use analytics to analyze all your budgetary data and thus have a precise vision of your activity.

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