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Global Management


Axelor ERP is a powerful, scalable and easily customizable Open Source ERP system with more than 30 integrated business applications. Benefit from optimized ergonomics for a better user experience and enjoy the advantages of a modern all-in-one solution without the rigidity of traditional ERP.


Let Axelor take care of repetitive tasks. The entire CRM was designed with a light, powerful and robust code. That’s why it’s so responsive, versatile and resource-efficient.


Create your own applications, optimize all your business processes, all without line of code and drag and drop. Do in a few days, the job lasting several months! With Axelor, creating new and personalized experiences has never been that easy.

Commercial Management


Control and manage your business activity with Axelor for an unsurpassed efficiency.


Segmentation, loyalty, notoriety: Axelor maximizes your marketing impact. The power of the open-source application saves you time by automating tasks and allows you to focus on customer relations.


Manage easily your contracts and subscriptions with Axelor.

Business Project

Get the power of Axelor and its ecosystem to manage your projects in business mode.

HR Management


Centralize all HR information for better employee management with Axelor.

Expense Account

With Axelor expense report management is faster, more reliable and easier.


Automate data entry and track time spent with Axelor for valued human resources.

Fleet Management

Easily manage all your vehicles to increase your operational productivity with Axelor.

Collaborative Work

Social Network

Users can leave comments and discuss the elements of the application. Create newsgroups and easily add members or allow users to subscribe to groups of their choice.


Benefit from advanced customization of all your projects. The application allows you to create unlimited trees, add team members, allow only certain types of activities, thus allowing you to adapt to all possible configurations.


Axelor has an integrated Electronic Document Management system. You can simply drag and drop documents into the application and download all documents from the application to your computer instantly and in mass.


Ticket creation – incident tracking – live dialogue, stay as close as possible to your customers to satisfy them faster, easier, more simply.

Financial Management


The accounting application automatically generates accounting entries from pre-configured accounting documents and templates, and allows you to record various transactions in an assisted manner. You benefit from a system of lettering of the entries, this lettering can even be partial.


Thanks to Axelor, you can visually follow the progression of your invoice validation process: validate, break down and print all your invoices in bulk. In addition, your invoicing management is multi-currency, multi-company.


Develop and control all your budgets using the budget management software. You benefit from a better visibility on your cash flow and purchases, thus facilitating decision-making thanks to relevant and detailed information, updated in real time.

Supply Chain


Access supplier catalogue information from the application, check the availability of products in the supplier’s stock and their current prices.


Axelor manages your stock entries and exits, but also your internal stock movements. Stock management is multi-warehouse and tree-based, and supports product variants.


Benefit from an unlimited tree structure for your BOMs and define them by product model: a single BOM is sufficient for all variants with a correspondence at all levels. You have a customization wizard at your disposal for custom products.


Create your quality controls, assign them to your teams and plan their implementation. Quality controls are linked to products and production processes. You can follow its progress precisely, step by step.
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