Improve your quality processes with Axelor

Easily schedule your quality controls

Create your quality controls, assign them to your teams and plan their implementation. Quality controls are linked to products and production processes. You can follow its progress precisely, step by step.

Customized quality processes

You can create your own quality processes with the detail of each inspection point. Indicate the type of control to be carried out and the instructions that operators will have to follow. The necessary information is therefore at hand and visible on smartphones or tablets.

Precised and detailed controls

Your quality teams will be able to carry out their controls by following the different control points you have defined.

Keep a record of each quality problem


You have the possibility to create quality alerts as soon as a problem is detected, either during an inspection or by a customer feedback. This allows you to keep a history of each quality alert and you can accurately track the resolution of problems, as well as the corrective and preventive actions that have been implemented.

Make quality controls during production


You can program quality controls that will be triggered at certain times during production, at a specific frequency or randomly. If you detect a problem during production, create quality alerts directly and implement corrective actions.

Webinar – Axelor Demonstration Thursday, Sept. 30th - 1:30 PM (CEST)
With IA functionalities, ERP, BPM, Automatisation, Full web and responsive app, grab your growth and discover why Axelor is just like no others on the market. The demonstration is animated by our expert adviser and will be followed by a question-and-answer session.