With Axelor, you benefit from an Open Source ERP adapted to all your production issues.

Accelerate and optimize your business with decision support tools directly integrated into the software. You can choose a hosting in the cloud, on our dedicated servers.

A solution adapted for many sectors:



A complete application

✓ Integrated business management
✓ Production management by business
✓ Stock optimisation
✓ Requirements calculation

✓ Customer relationship management
✓ Production planning
✓ Quality control
✓ Selling your products online

Production 4.0 …

The customer experience integrated into your production process from order to delivery.

… at 360°

A complete application connected to all the modules according to your needs : CRM, accounting, HR, quality…

Business management

A service-oriented production system that allows the development of custom or high-end products.

Customizable Configurator

An order management according to your customers’ wishes thanks to a customizable configurator.

Decision support tools


Manage and optimize your business !

Calculate your needs precisely

hanks to a modular and configurable system, based on the Just In Time principle, you have visibility based on the current stock situation, current orders and forecasts. The software makes proposals accordingly. No more possible disruption and constantly optimised stock capacity.


Plan your production

The concept of finite capacity takes into account your human and material resource constraints. Thanks to an intelligent system, Axelor ERP allows you to find the most efficient and optimal solution (30% more efficient than standard solutions)

Organize your operations

A graphical, simple and interactive calendar that can be easily modulated and configured (drag-and-drop)

And even more

Perform quality controls

Ensure precise traceability of products at all stages of production. Generate batch tracking with serial number.

Sell your products online

Put all the products manufactured thanks to our e-commerce module online.

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