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Discover some of our customers and the solutions Axelor has been able to provide them. Through these testimonies, you will see how our platform can be adapted to your company. Be more agile by adopting the Axelor platform.



Thyssenkrupp Materials France was looking for a solution that could be implemented quickly, in less than twelve months, to restructure its management processes, without stopping the production line.

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Axelor met the challenges of managing BtoB and BtoC pre-orders for Equinox’s innovative game “Altered”.


With over 13,000 sellers, Cdiscount’s marketplace, operated by its subsidiary Octopia, is one of the leading marketplaces in Europe.

Énergie solaire - Énergie


The teaching principle is to introduce the main principles of ERP and to practice on software actually used by the market.

Socotec Monitoring

Socotec Monitoring has equipped itself with a solution that enables it to cover all the classic functionalities of a company management tool.

SD Services

In order to offer customized vehicle fittings, SD Services must consider many parameters, such as the choices of companies and the specific needs of the trade.

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Bon D’ici

As part of its sustainable development approach, Bon D’ici is committed to limiting its carbon footprint as much as possible.


In order to adapt to regulatory changes in the market and to launch new offers, the Soregies IT team wanted to develop an “in-house” business management solution designed specifically for it.


To support its growth, Enercoop’s IT team wanted to develop an “in-house” business management solution designed specifically for it and taking into account its needs and requirements.

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FNATH relies on Axelor’s Low Code platform to dematerialize its data and offer its 100,000 members an ever more efficient omnichannel experience.


Axelor has enabled Citel to build a solution perfectly adapted to its needs, business, and size.


Carbone 4

To support its growth, Carbone 4 was looking for a flexible business management solution.



Axelor’s Low Code ERP has established itself as the ideal solution for gaining flexibility and modernizing the group’s HRIS.

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To support its growth, Apex Energies has equipped itself with a business management solution that is Open Source.

caméras de surveillance


Axelor supports Barkene in harmonizing their management processes and intervention monitoring.


Ceméa chose Axelor to provide them with a global Low Code solution that allows them to manage invoicing, training follow-up, and customer files throughout their territories, regardless of the training location.


Pole Star

Pole Star was looking for a solution capable of helping it reduce its data entry times.