Case study Socotec Monitoring

The company was attracted to the open aspect and the Business module of Axelor

In order to cope with its exponential growth, Socotec Monitoring, a specialist in the measurement and monitoring of structures, needed a solution that would enable it to cover all the classic functionalities of a business management tool, from purchasing to stock management, including sales management, production monitoring, and control.

“ Today, we are particularly pleased and satisfied to have made this choice. The solution runs smoothly, it allows us to manage our sales cycles, plan our projects, and intuitively extract data by project. All this is managed with significant time savings. ”

Jean-Baptiste Paris – Deputy Managing Director

The company

Founded in 2008 and specializing in the measurement and monitoring of structures, Socotec Monitoring provides monitoring, infrastructure surveillance, and construction management services for its professional clients. As part of its mission, Socotec Monitoring manages the entire infrastructure monitoring chain for its clients, from the choice of manufacturer of sensors to data processing, including the design and installation of sensors and the recovery and analysis of data.

Based in France and Vietnam, the company joined the Socotec group a year ago and now has 150 employees.

The challenge

In 2017, Socotec Monitoring was awarded the Grand Paris Express contract, which resulted in an increase in its workforce from 25 to 150 in the space of 3 years.

As long as Socotec Monitoring had 30 employees, Microsoft’s Office suite was sufficient to manage its purchases and employees’ holiday requests, while its schedules could easily be managed via Google. However, with the huge growth the company experienced between 2017 and 2019, these tools began showing their limits and the company needed a more professional ERP solution that could easily handle this type of growth.

Our solution

Socotec Monitoring chose Axelor for its universal, open source, and modular nature. The company was particularly convinced by the “Management by Project” module which allows for project-based management, and Axelor’s accounting models which are truly oriented and developed around French financial rules.

Axelor sent a consultant to Socotec Monitoring to help the company define its needs and practices and to assist the technical team in making the necessary functions for the solution. The Axelor consultant also generated a tool to make the link between the company’s specific business and its functionalities.

At the same time, the Socotec Monitoring technical team worked with the company’s CFO to configure Axelor’s HR functions. Once this was completed, access was granted to the company’s employees so that they could work with the tool and share their feedback.

On the accounting side, Socotec Monitoring imported the data from its old accounting software into Axelor. After a short period of dual use, the old software was abandoned and the company even managed to convince its accountant to use the Axelor platform.

The results

Given the ease of use of the Axelor accounting module, Socotec Monitoring was able to re-internalize certain accounting tasks. Indeed, Axelor has enabled Socotec Monitoring to automate a great many tasks. In particular, automating and linking the tool with the company’s bank enabled bank reconciliations by authorizing the placing of transfer orders.

Today, we are particularly pleased and satisfied to have made this choice. The solution runs smoothly, it allows us to manage our sales cycles, plan our projects, and intuitively extract data by project. And all this with significant time savings.

— Jean-Baptiste Paris, Deputy Managing Director

Finally, the integration of the Power BI solution with Axelor provides Socotec Monitoring with customized dashboards.

Today, Socotec Monitoring recognizes the time savings brought by the openness of the Axelor tool, which makes it possible to add fields, connections, elements, etc. very easily and quickly. It also enables the company to manage stocks and purchases in an extremely short time. In addition, Axelor allows Socotec Monitoring’ top management to have real-time, centralized, and global summaries of each project, which previously used to take almost 15 days.

Today, we want to go further with Axelor by integrating the ERP data into our Datatys platform, which allows our customers to have real-time information on the sites, access the experts’ reports, and consult the results of the sensors that have been installed.

— Jean-Baptiste Paris, Deputy Managing Director

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