Stocks module

Optimize your inventory management with Axelor

Manage your stocks accurately

Axelor manages your stock entries and exits, but also your internal stock movements. Stock management is multi-warehouse and tree-based, and supports product variants.

Follow your stock movements in real time

Automatically generate your delivery and receipt notes from customer and supplier purchase orders, then automatically generate your customer and supplier invoices from delivery notes.


Advanced traceability

Axelor allows you to manage tracking numbers, production, purchase or sale, and also barcodes. In addition, you can decide how you want to recover your stock (FIFO, LIFO) and manage warranty and expiry dates by tracking number: you benefit from full traceability and tracking of your stocks and stock movements.

Anticipate stock shortages

Always keep an eye on your stocks. Simply set up minimum stock rules, the application can automatically generate purchase orders when stock quantities reach a certain level or send you alerts. In addition, during your inventories, which are also managed from the application, you can value your stock using several methods available to you.

Determine your needs

Calculate your needs by product, category, or product family through sales forecast or firm sale. You can also exclude a product from the calculation and the calculator will generate the necessary proposals for your needs, giving priority to essential items. The tool can also automatically group and transform these recommendations into a purchase order or production order, either case by case or in bulk.

A delivery management that adapts to all situations

Easily ship internationally

Axelor takes care of the entire packaging part, from logistics calculation to customs document management. The software automatically takes into account the characteristics entered in the product sheet to create the customs declaration (weight, quantities, customs nomenclature, goods trade declaration, etc.). Avoid customs blockages and ensure timely delivery to the customer.

Stay flexible

You can plan your deliveries at will, split them in half or make a finer split per unit or set of units, view your itinerary to the delivery address from your delivery note with a single click. On the other hand, Axelor’s management software automates the management of leftovers, returns and re-shipments, not to mention the control points at receipt and delivery of the goods.

stock location

Minimum and optimal stock rules

With Axelor eliminate the risk of stockouts. Simply set up minimum stock rules, the application can automatically generate purchase order proposals when stock quantities reach a certain threshold or send you alerts.

Add value to your inventory

Manage your inventories from the management software and value your stock according to several methods made available to you (PMP/FIFO/LIFO…). It will automatically be transcribed into an accounting entry for a smooth and seamless flow of information. The inventory is automatically updated to reduce the risk of error and reduce your employees’ workload. Need to quickly modify a stock line? Do this directly with the corrective function without launching an invent.

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