Axelor – The management platform for the public sector

Dematerialize and optimize your processes

At the service of users, the public sector plays an essential role in the cohesion, support, and development of resources and territories.

At a time when users’ needs are evolving, and data sovereignty is an issue of governance, discover the advantages of Axelor solutions for public services, local authorities, and public service delegations.







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Why Axelor?

The Low-code platform dedicated to users!


Project is up and running in a flash.

With the Low-code platform, you can easily create your own process-oriented business applications in just a few clicks.



Reduce your operating costs.

Automate repetitive tasks and customize your processes without the need for technical development. A significant economic gain.



Easy to use.

Take advantage of an ergonomic, modern interface that can be used by all your staff. Our ERP software is fully responsive and mobile, and offers fast, high-performance applications.



A tool that grows with you.

Develop new business functions as your business grows, thanks to our many functional modules.



Customize the platform to suit your needs.

Easily connect all your favorite applications and even generate your own webservices and application flows with our integrated BPM. Exchanges with your ecosystem will be that much smoother.

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record_voice_overUser relations

Dematerialize public services

With Axelor’s low-code platform, you can create tailor-made processes to manage and automate your customer relations, 100% digitized.

Centralize all requests on a single platform, making it easier for citizens to take the right steps and ensuring optimized service quality.

analyticsData governance

Strengthen your sovereignty with an Open Source solution

What makes the Axelor platform unique is above all its philosophy. We integrate the latest Open Source technologies and offer the Axelor low-code platform and 30 Open Source business applications in a community version.

In this way, you can control your governance while ensuring that you retain your digital sovereignty by opting for an open-source, French solution that can be fully customized to meet your specific needs, while guaranteeing enhanced security and increased flexibility.

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hubLow-code platform

Build customized applications for your services

Axelor’s low-code platform lets you create customized digital tools to meet the challenges of digitizing public services and the new digital uses of citizens.

Create forms without any code, and add fields via drag & drop with the Studio.

Model and automate all your business processes graphically with Axelor’s powerful low-code BPM, fully integrated with ERP.

paymentsBudget management

Draw up and manage all your budgets

With the budget management application, you can control your costs precisely by drawing up detailed budget plans for any timeframe, and track the evolution of your budgets in real time.

  • Multi-level budgeting
  • Budget templates and imports
  • Validation workflows
  • Budget tracking of forecasts, commitments, and actuals
  • Analytical breakdown and budget allocation
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Low-code BPM

Discover the versatility of Low-code BPM

Business processes and public service

BPM enables you to customize your requisition workflow by adding validation rules to requisitions. For example, if a requisition exceeds a certain amount, it will be possible to set a rule so that the purchasing manager has to validate it, or to require double validation.

BPM can also be used to manage purchase requisitions by including validation rules based on purchase amounts: define validation levels for different purchase amounts to ensure that requisitions are approved by the right actors.

More than thirty business applications to cover all business functions

With Axelor, you can combine our applications to model all your needs, according to your departments.










Budget management


Purchasing management

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phonelinkMobile & responsive applications

Access your business applications on the move

Whatever your IT infrastructure, Axelor’s platform applications are full-web, fully responsive, and feature Android and iOS mobile applications. This means you can access all your business applications from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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