Axelor CRM – Discover a New Approach to Customer Relations

The Complete, Simple and Adaptable CRM to Accelerate Your Growth

All the Functionalities Integrated in a Single Software to Manage Sales, Prospecting and Marketing

  • Contact Management: Centralize all your customer data in one place: customers, prospects, contact information, exchange history, documents…access all relevant information immediately.
  • Lead Management: Prospect more effectively by tracking your leads from first contact through to sale, and focus on the most promising ones. Follow-up of marketing leads is also made easier.

Optimize Your Prospecting

Stay focused on the commercial relationship by simplifying your follow-up, all your data is centralized.

Manage the Entire Sales Cycle

Track your sales process in real time, from the first contact to the order.

Automate your Processes

With the integrated BPM platform, design your business and marketing processes to your specific needs.

  • Opportunity Management: Manage your sales process, detect the most promising opportunities and track their progress in real time.
  • Quote Management: Transform your opportunities into quotes in one click, generate your pdf documents according to templates and create your purchase orders once they are won.
  • Event Management: Schedule your calls, appointments, tasks to be done directly from the CRM, they’ll be synchronized with your external calendars such as Outlook or Gmail.
  • Marketing Campaign Management: Precisely target your prospects and customers according to the criteria your needs, and schedule marketing and emailing campaigns.

Free and complete

Why choose between a free software or a complete software? Axelor CRM is a free and complete solution, integrating advanced functions, designed to simplify your customer relations and allow you to focus on the essentials.

Let Axelor take care of repetitive tasks. The entire CRM has been designed with lightweight, powerful and robust code. That’s why it’s so responsive, so versatile and so resource-efficient.

As Mobile As You Are

Axelor CRM is equipped with a responsive interface. Computer, tablet, PC, smartphone… you can access your data at any time, from anywhere.

Go beyond, download the application for iOS and Android, with its disconnected mode: even without a network, the application is always at your side before an appointment to consult your data.

Fully Customisable

Thanks to the Axelor low-code platform, you can completely customize your sales and marketing processes, as well as all your files, and automate your actions. You can thus adapt the CRM to all your needs, even the most specific ones.

The integrated BPM allows you to create new workflows or modify existing ones with virtually no coding. New fields to add to customer records or leads? The Studio allows you to add them simply with drag and drop.

Manage the Entire Customer Relationship Management Cycle

Improve Your Prospect Follow-Up

Thanks to Axelor CRM, centralize all your existing databases in a single software and avoid double entries and loss of information. Filter your prospects and customers with precise criteria and manage both your sales follow-up and all your marketing and emailing campaigns on a single application.

Optimize Your Conversion Rate

The software allows you to automate your sales force to save time for your teams: Management of sales appointments, reminders, reminders, events … You can also automatically synchronize your appointments with your external calendars (mobile, Google, Outlook, etc).

Engage your customers and share with them your exchanges directly on the application or via the customer portal. Manage your leads in bulk and automatically convert them into customers.

Access a complete and clear view of your actions (completed and upcoming), your opportunities and their evolution step by step to gain efficiency.

Accelerate Your Sales and Improve Customer Satisfaction

The Open Source CRM converts your opportunities into quotes in 1 click. Edit personalized quotes thanks to the templates that you have pre-defined with a layout adapted to your needs. Benefit from an advanced management of your products, define your pricing and discount strategies and apply them more quickly.

Easily create your tickets and assign them to your teams. They will be able to answer them directly and generate email responses for your customers. Track your customer support performance, the volume of tickets to be processed, the resolution time. Define your SLAs from the application and check if their terms are met. Your customers will have access to a dedicated portal.

Connect Axelor to Your Favourite Applications

Axelor allows you to communicate with your entire ecosystem thanks to its APIs and connectors to main industry tools.

Gmail and Google Workspace

  • Create and update your leads and contacts directly from your Gmail inbox.
  • Automatically insert Gmail contact information into your CRM.
  • Automatically link your emails to your leads and contacts in the CRM.

Axelor CRM is fully integrated into the Google environment and allows you to synchronize your emails, contacts, events, tasks and Drive documents. Avoid double entries as the CRM communicates directly with the Google suite.

Outlook and Office 365

  • Update your leads and contacts directly from your Outlook inbox.
  • Automatically insert Outlook contact information into your CRM.
  • Link your emails to your leads and contacts in CRM.

Axelor is fully integrated into the Office 365 suite and allows you to synchronize your emails, contacts, and events to avoid double entries and benefit from optimized communication.


The integration with Sendinblue allows you to synchronize your contacts and personalized templates, to plan the launch of your email blasts, and once sent, to retrieve the report of opens and clicks to accurately measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


Zapier allows you to automate actions between multiple applications and Axelor, without developing any code or API. You can connect Axelor to thousands of applications very easily.

A quick example that can be designed very quickly without any code thanks to Zapier: From a Google Form, as soon as a response is sent, a lead or a contact is created in the Axelor CRM, and is added in parallel to your Mailchimp contacts.


Have all your contracts and purchase orders signed with Docusign. Send your documents to be signed by email directly from Axelor, they automatically come back once signed securely, with a digital certificate.

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