Sales Management

Sales Management with Axelor: Optimize your business activities

In an ever-evolving business landscape, sales management is the keystone to companies’ growth.

Axelor offers a comprehensive ERP solution to energize your sales operations while providing an exceptional customer experience. Discover how our system allows you to master every stage of the sales process while strengthening your customer relationships.

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Customization of Sales Proposals:

With the Axelor Template tool, create fully customized quote templates. This feature allows you to respond precisely to the specific needs of each client, demonstrating your commitment to their satisfaction. Adapt pricing with advanced management of discounts based on purchase volume or targeted customers, and use customized price lists for increased flexibility.


Precise Tracking and Automation:

The efficiency of your sales team is enhanced by the visual and detailed tracking provided by Axelor. You can observe in real-time the progress of orders, validation of stages, and the advancement of deliveries and invoices. Benefit from Business Process Management (BPM) to tailor the sales process to your needs, with customized steps for quote validation. By automating customer reminders, you ensure proactive and professional follow-up.

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International Sales and Customer Portal:

Expanding internationally is simplified thanks to our application’s ability to handle quotes in multiple currencies and languages. Your company can reach new markets without any barriers. Additionally, Axelor offers an intuitive customer portal that gives your clients real-time access to their quotes, orders, delivery notes, and invoices. This transparency enhances trust and loyalty.


Analysis and Mobility:

With Axelor BI, your sales team can easily access detailed reports and analyses, promoting informed decision-making. Axelor’s CRM mobile application allows your teams to access key information wherever they are, improving responsiveness and the relevance of customer interactions.

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Advanced Management of Scales and Formulas:

Flexibility is the key in scale management with Axelor. Adapt your pricing according to various parameters such as purchase volume or customer type. Create formulas to calculate complex discounts and even shipping costs based on the weight of the order. This adaptability ensures that each transaction is optimized.


Connectivity and Automation:

Axelor seamlessly connects with other applications through a range of connectors and connected applications. Our Docusign connector enables electronic signature of quotes, accelerating the process. Customer reminders and automated triggers ensure seamless follow-up and proactive transaction management.

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In conclusion, Axelor offers a comprehensive ERP solution for sales management, ranging from customization of sales proposals to process automation, detailed tracking, and analysis. This holistic approach improves business efficiency while ensuring a superior customer experience. To learn more about sales management with Axelor, feel free to explore our contract and subscription management as well as our connected modules that further enrich your experience.

Transform your Business Activities with Axelor’s Sales Management

Enhance your performance, simplify your processes, and increase your profitability with our comprehensive and effective sales management solution.