Contract management

Optimize the Management of your Contracts and Subscriptions with Axelor’s Powerful Contract Management Functionality

This comprehensive solution simplifies every aspect of the contract lifecycle, keeping you organized and optimizing your business operations.

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Contract creation and customization

Save time by using pre-configured, pre-populated contract templates. This feature speeds up contract creation by automating repetitive tasks. What’s more, thanks to Axelor Template tool, you can create document templates with a specific layout to suit your company’s needs.


Advanced pricing and discount management

Contract management with Axelor lets you easily update rates, add price lists and apply discounts. So you can maintain flexible pricing conditions while ensuring accurate invoicing.

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Simplified recurring billing

Automate the billing of your subscriptions with recurring billing management. The application automatically generates billing periods, saving you tedious manual tasks. You can customize billing dates to suit your needs, and bill according to actual consumption over the period in question.
You can also automatically bill a third party other than the beneficiary of the contract, and more advanced invoicing on a pro rata basis.


Renewal and amendment management

Stay in control with automatic renewal and contract amendment management. Choose between automatic renewal or set a notice period. The software alerts you when contracts are due to expire, enabling you to make informed decisions.

In addition, amendment management gives you the flexibility to manage changes during the course of a contract. You can authorize changes or not, and the software manages the creation of riders to maintain transparency and traceability.

Axelor simplifies and centralizes the management of your contracts, enabling you to maximize the profitability of your business relationships while minimizing risks and errors. From notice tracking to automatic renewal, rate customization and recurring invoicing, this comprehensive solution meets the evolving needs of your business.

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Mass revaluation of contract rates

The contract management module enables annual contract prices to be re-evaluated on the basis of index values. This means you can insert price revision clauses into your contracts and revalue them en masse.
Revaluation formulas and indexes can be used to calculate new prices and revalue contracts.


Track all your supplier contracts

The module not only manages your customer contracts, but also tracks your supplier contracts.
You can create and track all your subscriptions and contracts with suppliers, and directly generate supplier invoices awaiting control.

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Transform your contracts with Axelor’s contract management module