The roadmap does not constitute a commitment from Axelor.

Technical evolutions

The application’s interface will undergo visual enhancements and modernization, transitioning from Angular JS to React. This upgrade will provide new possibilities in terms of ergonomics and a more modern design.

Functional evolutions

Field service management: Introducing a new intervention management module that includes:

  • Installed base management.
  • Field service planning and preparation.
  • Management of field service ranges.

Treasury management: Introducing an advanced treasury management module that involves:

  • Establishing a medium and long-term cash plan based on actual financial data from the ERP and forecast scenarios.
  • Ability to view account by account or synthesize the overall cash flow forecast to anticipate financing needs and calculate cash flow.
  • Comparison between actual and forecasted cash flow in terms of incoming/outgoing cash.

Decimal management for currencies:

  • Enhancement of decimal management for currency handling to address all international use cases.

Bill of exchange integration in payment campaigns.

Editable grid for customer quotes/orders:

  • Addition of a quick entry of quote lines directly from the grid.

OCR-based reading of expense receipts:

  • Inclusion of OCR-based recognition of expense receipt justifications in the Data Capture module.

Country-specific address formats:

  • Functionality allowing different address formats based on countries.

Improvement of scales:

  • Generalization to all objects and support for Integer, Text, M2O fields.

General Improvements:

  • Version 8.1 will also include numerous improvements across various processes such as quote merging, quote template management, purchase requests, etc.