The roadmap does not constitute a commitment from Axelor.

Version 7.0

Technical platform developments

  • The technical platform is now compatible with more recent versions of various components: Java 11, Tomcat 9, PostgreSQL 13+...etc.

  • It is also now possible to see if other users are currently working on the same file as the one we are working on.

  • This important evolution of the technical platform is the main change of this version 7.0, the functional novelties being planned for version 7.1.

BPM - Studio updates

  • Better ergonomics with the component palette on the left, and the component property displayed on the right.

  • Better visibility and ergonomics on the responsive display.

  • A new selection builder: possibility to customize graphically the selections.

  • Improvement of the interface and addition of mandatory and required fields highlighted.

  • Modification on the generator of the script no code.

  • Adding conditions on field values.

  • Values can now also come from a query.