The roadmap does not constitute a commitment from Axelor.

Version 7.1

Integration of the electronic invoice format Factur-X

  • In preparation for the French 2024-2026 reform that will make electronic invoicing subject to VAT mandatory.

  • It will feature an integrated Factur-X electronic invoice standard which is an electronic invoice format that allows structured and readable electronic invoices to be sent and received by information systems for automated integration and reconciliation, while respecting the legal requirements for invoicing.

  • It is based on XML format and includes an embedded PDF file containing the invoice in a human readable form.

Global discount per quote

  • Have the ability to apply a global discount on the total of a quote.

Management of decimals depending on currencies

  • Improve the management of decimals for the handling of currencies to account for all the particular cases worldwide.

Payment session - generation of a single entry

  • Pass through a suspense account on payment sessions to obtain a single bank entry.

Entering mass accounting entries

  • Possibility to enter mass accounting entries, with automatic creation of headers.

Enhanced Gsuite and Office 365 modules

  • These two connectors allow synchronization of contacts, events, and emails with Gmail and Outlook. They are supplemented by extensions in the mailboxes allowing direct access to some CRM data.

New project planning view

  • A new project planning view has been added, with a view of the collaborators' workload and the possibility to move tasks on the planning via drag and drop.