ERP for Service Companies

Maximize your profitability.
Plan and manage your projects with ease.

Discover the ERP that transforms service companies.
Simplicity means efficiency.


Project Planning and Tracking

Master every project with precision and efficiency.

Gain total visibility over each step. Monitor progress.
Manage budgets. Measure the impact of each decision.

Anticipate every need.

Convert your time into added value with our advanced project planning technology. Enjoy simplified management with drag-and-drop functionality.

Precise management and a clear vision of your projects.

Control the progress of your tasks with an intuitive Kanban view. Optimize task and deadline management. Benefit from detailed progress reports for precise control.


Optimize each deal for maximum profitability.

Centralize your operations. Track each deal in detail. Analyze performance.
Make decisions based on precise data.

Unify your project management.

Optimize your deal management by centralizing quotes, orders, purchases, expenses, budgets, tasks, and time tracking. Transform your data into informed decisions with detailed reporting.

Customize your billing.

Tailor your billing to the nature of each deal: fixed price, time and materials, recurring, or progress-based. Simplify your billing processes and reduce payment delays.

Increase your profitability.

Control your margins. Boost your profits.
Our cost management and billing module turns complexity into profitability.

Commercial Management and CRM

Unlock the potential of your commercial management.

Simplify your sales processes from quote to billing.
Shorter cycles. Increased profitability.

Automate commercial processes.

Free yourself from repetitive tasks and focus on what truly matters. Automate the essentials and multiply your successes.

Advanced analysis and reporting.

Leverage data potential to refine your commercial strategy. Gain a clear vision to steer your company's growth.

Streamline your contract management.

Ease the management of renewals, set up notices, and enable automatic renewals, all while ensuring accurate and automated billing. Simplify your contractual operations!

Human Resource Management

Enhance the efficiency of your HR management.

Recruit and manage your employees with a few clicks.
Skills at your fingertips: find the talent you need, when you need it.

Dedicated Connectors

Axelor, the heart of your digital ecosystem.

Business Process Management

Customize the ERP according to your most complex processes with Axelor BPM.

A BPM platform Low Code/No Code for infinite possibilities.

Powerful and accessible, customize any business process with drag-and-drop.

Customize your fields and forms without any coding with the Studio.

Easily adapt the solution to the specifics of your industry.

Manage your client projects and track your profitability in real time.

What our clients say

« Before Axelor, we had to manage everything in Excel, which was cumbersome and complex. We had to go and get the information, point out the answers and share everything in Dropbox. Now projects are listed in Axelor and it’s no longer necessary to go through the timesheets in parallel. »

Louis Truong

MOA Manager in Management IT

« Today, we are particularly pleased and satisfied to have made this choice. The solution runs smoothly, it allows us to manage our sales cycles, plan our projects, and intuitively extract data by project. And all this with significant time savings. »

Jean-Baptiste Paris

Deputy Managing Director


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the support during the implementation of your ERP solution?


The implementation of our ERP solution is a turnkey process, designed to ensure a smooth and efficient transition. From the start, you will be supported by an expert who will assess your specific needs and develop a customized plan for your business. Our goal is to provide you not only with a powerful tool but also the expertise to fully utilize it, thus ensuring a tangible improvement in your operations. Rest assured that every expert involved is selected for their excellence and commitment to meeting your needs.

Can I obtain implementation services?


Absolutely, it is possible to benefit from a full range of services to support the implementation of your ERP solution, including comprehensive training for your teams, ongoing technical support, and strategic advice to optimize your use of the ERP.

How can project planning and monitoring improve the efficiency of our services?


Project planning and monitoring enhance efficiency by aligning objectives with actions, allowing precise management of resources and timelines. Our planning tools help you quickly identify and resolve issues, ensuring on-time and compliant deliveries, which directly improve customer satisfaction and the overall performance of your services.

How does your solution help to anticipate budget overruns?


Our solution incorporates advanced forecasting and alert tools that analyze spending trends in real time, allowing you to anticipate budget overruns before they occur. With detailed reports and intuitive dashboards, you have clear visibility into your finances, enabling you to proactively adjust your plans and effectively control costs.

How does the cost management and billing module simplify the billing process for clients?


Our cost management and billing module is designed to simplify the billing process by accommodating a variety of billing cases, whether for fixed-price services, time and materials, or recurring services. It allows smooth and precise management of each billing type, ensuring direct integration with your accounting system. This integration ensures consistency in pricing and a transparent, reliable billing experience for clients, while improving the accuracy of your financial management.

Can your solution integrate with other tools we currently use?


Yes, Axelor Connect, our No Code platform, is the key to a smooth and automated connection between your applications. It ensures a smooth transition and operational continuity without disrupting your existing processes.