Open Source CRM: liberate the customer relationship

Not satisfied with your CRM tool? Are you losing time because your processes are complex, your data is scattered, and you are losing sight of the essential tasks? Change your tool!

The customer relationship is at the heart of sales, and the buying experience as well as the follow-up during the product life cycle, are nowadays differentiating elements for a company. Using a CRM tool that is poorly adapted to your needs penalizes your growth and creates frustration for your employees.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) consists of acquiring and developing the loyalty of a company’s customers. It places the human being at the center of the company’s strategy and constitutes a collaborative work space.

Customer data is a priority: with the CRM integrated into Axelor Open Suite, you can easily centralize, secure, share, and exploit it within a single tool that complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), particularly thanks to rights management and data encryption.

Control your data

Adopting an Open Source CRM means owning your data. You are not tied to an editor, and you control the use of your data.

Connecting sales and marketing is the necessary condition to boost your sales performance.

Axelor Open Suite benefits from a Sendinblue connector that allows a bi-directional data exchange, especially concerning the results of your emailing campaigns (click rate, open rate, et.). “This tool allows us to communicate simply and efficiently with our contacts thanks to a successful and intuitive marketing module.” This is an essential use for communication agencies.

Get to know your customers.

Analyze your sales: with detailed dashboards and relevant reports, you have a refined visibility of your results. Thanks to the features of our CRM, identify areas for improvement, and eliminate sales losses while increasing customer relationship management.

One of our clients told us that the solutions on the market did not meet their needs. “We manage many projects. It is essential for us to be able to centralize customer information in a single tool for a more accurate tracking of sales”.
The strengths of our CRM solution include: user-friendly, real-time notifications, high level of customization, automated sales processes, analytics and reporting, and easy integration with third-party business applications.

What benefits can be expected from successful CRM integration?

  • Understand your customers better
  • Gain qualified leads
  • Segment leads more efficiently
  • Attain precise understanding of leads that align with your preferences
  • Save time with simplified processes

Axelor Open Suite has been designed to simplify the work of your sales teams and enable you to establish a privileged relationship with your customers.
“Our salespeople now have access to an ergonomic and collaborative tool and can tailor answers to customers and best support them throughout their purchase journey.”