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Efficiently orchestrate your marketing campaigns with Axelor

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The power of automation

Thanks to the power of our Open Source application, you can automate numerous tasks, allowing you to concentrate on customer relations. Whether it’s segmentation, loyalty or increasing brand awareness, Axelor is designed to maximize your marketing impact.

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manage_searchMarketing projects

Marketing campaign management

Axelor makes it easy to manage your marketing campaigns. You can tap directly into your database of prospects, customers, and leads, to set up effective campaigns. Program your campaigns, schedule associated events, and track the progress of your marketing actions all from one place.

You can also immediately visualize the origin of a prospect and the effectiveness of your campaigns. What’s more, Axelor keeps a history of all your campaigns. From your customer and prospect files, you have access to a list of all the marketing campaigns concerning them.


Precise target segmentation

Axelor lets you filter the data in your customer and prospect database to precisely target your audience. You can judiciously segment your prospecting base and your customer base by choosing your targets according to numerous criteria: sector of activity, sales, geographical location, function, etc.

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Email campaign customization

Create and personalize your e-mail templates directly from within the application, or import your existing templates. Axelor lets you define the target audience for your e-mailings by creating lists of recipients using its numerous filters.

Then send your e-mailings directly from the application via your favorite routing software, such as the Brevo connector. This allows you to send mass e-mail marketing campaigns, while ensuring accurate tracking of your campaigns.


Template synchronization and connections with other tools

Axelor also makes it easy to synchronize your e-mailing templates, enabling you to maintain consistency in your marketing communications.

What’s more, thanks to Axelor Connect, the software is designed to connect easily with your marketing tools like Mailchimp or Mailjet, making your campaigns even more effective. Axelor Connect is an automation module that connects applications and services. It automates tasks and processes, even if they are complex and involve several different applications.

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It can be used to create scenarios. A scenario is a set of steps that are executed to automate a task or process. Each step is an action. Once you’ve created a scenario, you have the option of triggering it manually on demand, or configuring it to run autonomously, at regular intervals or in response to specific events.

Axelor’s aim is to automate tasks and processes to save time and improve efficiency, particularly by avoiding time-consuming tasks. Axelor connect offers over 1,500 connectors, making it easy to connect with your marketing solutions!

All your favorite applications integrated on one platform.

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CRM integration

Axelor integrates seamlessly with your customer relationship management (CRM) system. This integration enables you to make full use of your customer data to refine your marketing campaigns and improve your customer repository. As a result, you can optimize your marketing and sales efforts, while delivering an enhanced customer experience.

With Axelor, you have all the tools you need to run effective marketing campaigns, while remaining focused on the essentials: your relationship with your customers.


Elevate your Email Campaigns with Axelor’s Marketing Module