ERP Financial Management

Centralize your financial and accounting data on a single platform

Control your company’s financial and accounting management with reliable, real-time data.

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Dematerialize your invoicing process

Axelor’s Finance ERP includes a powerful invoicing module for large volumes, enabling you to manage your entire invoicing process. Prepare for the future reform of electronic invoicing with a solution adapted to the regulations.

check_circle Generate customer and supplier invoices from orders

check_circle Various invoicing modes: recurring, ad hoc, per project, by schedule, deposit invoice, etc.

check_circle Automation of subscription invoices

check_circle Automatic sending of invoices to customers

check_circle Dematerialization: OCR connectors, Factur-X format management

Automate your debt recovery

Use advanced recovery functions to define dunning methods in the event of non-payment. The system will automatically send reminders to customers according to the criteria you have defined.

check_circle Automated reminders

check_circle Monitoring overdue accounts and outstanding receivables

check_circle Factoring management

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Progiciel de Gestion Intégré - Logiciel

Genuine integrated general and cost accounting

Axelor integrates true accounting that allows you to manage everything in a single tool, with your sales and purchasing data directly synchronized with your accounting system. This tool automates the generation of accounting entries derived from invoices, as well as income statements and balance sheets.

check_circle Accounting entries

check_circle Payment campaign management

check_circle Generation of accounting statements

check_circle Creation of custom reports

check_circle Closing

check_circle Cost accounting

Manage the lifecycle of your fixed assets

Simplify the management of your fixed assets by tracking the entire process, from acquisition to disposal.

check_circle Fixed assets records

check_circle Management of different depreciation schedules

check_circle Division and asset disposals

check_circle Generating fixed asset entries

check_circle Preparatory states

Progiciel de Gestion Intégré - Logiciel
Progiciel de Gestion Intégré - Logiciel

Connect directly to banks and track your banking flows

Simplify your financial monitoring by automatically retrieving your bank statements from the ERP system, and save time with automated bank reconciliation and its advanced functions:

check_circle Configurable system of rules for automatic reconciliation and accounting

check_circle Automatic lettering of payment entries generated with invoices

Thanks to EBICS T/TS protocol management, you can make transfers and manage direct debits directly from Axelor in a secure environment.

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Track your cash flow in real time

Efficiently manage your company’s finances by integrating cash flow forecasting and monitoring functions. Make informed decisions, optimize your cash flow, and reduce the risks associated with your financial management.

check_circle Cash flow forecast

check_circle Balance tracking

check_circle Multi-bank management

Draw up and manage all your budgets

With the budget management application, you can control your costs precisely by drawing up detailed budget plans for any given timeframe and track the evolution of your budgets in real time.

check_circle Multi-level budgeting

check_circle Budget templates and imports

check_circle Workflows validation

check_circle Budget monitoring of forecasts, commitments, and actuals

check_circle Analytical breakdown and budget allocation

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