Case study Pole Star

Halve data entry times with Axelor

Pole Star was looking for a solution capable of helping it reduce its data entry times during accounting periods. Axelor was able to meet this need, while integrating the company’s international dimension in a multi-currency context.

“ We saved 50% in data entry time for periodic accounting statements. All commercial flows are integrated directly and automatically into the accounting system, without any additional data entry. ”

Susanne Madier, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Pole Star

The company

Pole Star is a leader in geolocation for indoor environments. With over ten years’ experience in the field and a mature, scalable solution, Pole Star is the industrial partner of numerous organizations, and operates mainly in the healthcare (large healthcare establishments), tertiary (office buildings and campuses), transport (train and metro stations, tunnels) and leisure industries. The company has operations in France and the United States, and exports worldwide.

The challenge

In 2018, Pole Star’s management information system comprises several partially specific software bricks. It relies on numerous office automation files to aggregate fragmented and sometimes redundant data.

The company is working to optimize the system, in order to achieve better-defined processes and more reliable, centralized, and shared data management. Pole Star was looking for a solution that would take into account the international and therefore multi-currency context of Pole Star, which operates on two continents – Europe and North America.

Our solution

The company chose Axelor, a low-code, Open Source ERP perfectly adapted to the needs and resources of SMEs and ETIs, with solid references.

Over a period of seven months, the Pole Star and Axelor teams carried out the various stages of the project. They began with a functional scoping, to identify specific parameterization and development needs. After two months of parallel use with the old environment, Axelor went into production in January 2021, to be definitively adopted.

— Susanne Madier remembers :

These seven months of project work enabled us to validate the functional suitability of Axelor. During this period, we set up training courses on how to use the platform, and we took over all our data to integrate them into the tool.

The results

With Axelor, the company has made its data and flows more reliable. Whereas, it used to take 20 days to draw up an accounting report, Axelor now generates dashboards in real time.

The tool’s broad functional coverage enables it to manage a wide range of management flows (CRM, sales, purchasing, inventory, accounting, expense reports, etc.).

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