Case Study SD Services

Axelor Makes it Possible to Carry Out Personalized Fittings for Vehicles

In order to offer customized vehicle fittings, SD Services must consider many parameters, such as the choices of companies and the specific needs of the trade. Faced with growing demand, the company must have a state-of-the-art, flexible, efficient, and scalable ERP system: Axelor.

I have followed this project from start to finish with the Axelor and Synktory teams and I must say that I am more than pleasantly surprised, both by the features that are being implemented and by the involvement of the software development teams.
Michel Stamenoff – CEO of SD Services

The Company

Founded in 1980, SD Services is an industrial company whose business is outfitting of commercial vehicles for companies. With 17 branches in most of France’s major cities, SD Services, whose head office is based in Isère, has a turnover of 70 million euros. In the SD Services model, vehicles are fitted out on request and to order, particularly because car manufacturers update their models every year.

All of the fittings carried out by SD Services are tailor-made, both according to the vehicle chosen by the customer and according to the customer’s specific needs.

The Challenge

In 2008, SD Services decided to create its own ERP, as it could only find standard software solutions on the market that could not be adapted to the company’s model. The company then decided to buy a software editor whose mission would be to develop this ERP in-house. In 2013, SD Services decided to emancipate the “software publisher” part of it and created Synktory.

However, faced with SD Services’ commercial development, the “in-house” ERP revealed its limitations and it became imperative for the company to redesign its integrated management software with Synktory.

SD Services and Synktory jointly started looking for a partner to help them recreate an ERP, which, this time, would be able to evolve over time, without being too cumbersome to implement.

Our Solution

After SD Services approved the selection, the Synktory team started working in collaboration with the Axelor team and created Kombo, its ERP solution based on Axelor’s Open Suite.

The teams would carry out a detailed functional analysis of the solution and set the stage for writing the various modules that will be required. In this way, each feature is developed on the basis of Axelor’s technology, with elements from Kombo or with technical specifications from SD Services.

The Synktory / Axelor duo would start the necessary critical developments. Indeed, for some SD Services customers, several entities are directly concerned by the management of vehicles. As such, it is not unusual for SD Services to have to take into account such wide-ranging contacts as the client’s head office, the latter’s regional agencies, as well as the various garages responsible for the maintenance of these vehicles. The new ERP must therefore be able to manage data from these different sources.

During the third quarter, the company would train its teams on the tool and the first version of the software will be tested, before the final version is available and implemented.

The Results

Moreover, the end users have largely embraced the project and are only waiting on one thing: to use it. And that, for me, is a real victory and a sign of the project’s success.

— Michel Stamenoff, CEO of SD Services

Eventually, SD Services will seek partners specializing in IoT, design offices, and XR representation to finalize its tool. And of course, the final ERP will be fully integrated with the in-house CMMS tool.

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