Case study Equinox

Equinox uses the Axelor ERP to optimize pre-orders for their latest revolutionary card game: Altered

Equinox collaborated with Axelor to optimize the management of BtoB and BtoC pre-orders for its innovative game, Altered, by implementing customized solutions that improved transactions and user experience, all while meeting extremely tight deadlines.

“ Choosing an ERP is always tricky, especially when you are a company with strong innovation and simultaneous international product launches. The ERP must meet current and forecasted needs, therefore being agile enough to keep up with the growth and evolutions of the company and products, with strong interoperability with our other tools. More important than the tool is the project team. It must be agile enough for effective implementation, based on clear objectives to be achieved and temporally defined expected results. Axelor has met these two needs. We have no doubt about the next blocks we will build and deploy together in the ERP with the same vision: Agility / Performance / Reporting. ”

Stéphan COTRELLE, Administrative, Financial, and Human Resources Director at Equinox

The company

Equinox, founded by Régis Bonnessée, is behind several successes including the famous game Dixit. With their latest creation, Altered, they are pushing the boundaries of innovation by merging the physical and digital worlds in a revolutionary collectible card game. The recent crowdfunding campaign for Altered set a new record, raising over 6.2 million euros from nearly 15,000 contributors worldwide.

The challenge

Despite the runaway success of Altered, Equinox faced a significant challenge: efficiently managing BtoB and BtoC pre-orders in a highly innovative and secure context. The complexity lay in creating a system capable of managing pre-orders, securing transactions, and providing a smooth and secure user experience, all while adhering to the tight deadlines imposed by the success of their fundraising campaign.

Our solution

The Axelor platform met this challenge by implementing a robust system. We developed a BtoB workflow that allowed for the creation of customized forms to gather purchase intentions. This system enabled the generation of deposit invoices directly in our ERP and facilitated the selection of final products by customers. For the BtoC aspect, we automated order reception and communication with customers through the creation and management of 15,000 unique forms, ensuring a personalized experience for each contributor.

The results

The collaboration with Equinox demonstrated Axelor’s ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to complex and large-scale needs. We managed to implement the system within extremely short deadlines, ensuring total customer satisfaction. This collaboration showcased the agility and power of the Axelor ERP in managing innovative and demanding projects.

Our technical expertise, our ability to integrate seamlessly with third-party solutions for workflow automation and mass communication, and our customer-centric approach allowed us to provide tailor-made solutions that met specific needs.

However, the success of this collaboration also rests on the expertise, vision, and commitment to the collaborative process of Equinox. Their deep understanding of innovation and the dynamics of the gaming market guided the development of custom solutions that met technical requirements.

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