Case Study ValVital

ValVital modernizes its HRIS thanks to Axelor’s Low Code ERP

Managing more than a thousand employees across 15 companies, ValVital, the second-largest thermal actor in France, faces constant regulatory changes in the human resources sector. Axelor’s Low Code ERP has proven to be the ideal solution for gaining flexibility and modernizing the group’s HRIS.

“ The main difficulty in HR is remaining effective while adapting to constant regulatory changes. When I started deploying the solution with Axelor, I knew it had to be sustainable and support us in the long term. Thanks to this choice, we have significantly gained in flexibility and responsiveness. ”

Catherine Riac – CIO at ValVital

The Company

ValVital, the European Bath Company, is the second-largest thermal actor in France. The group operates 15 thermal establishments and five hotel residences in iconic locations such as Bourbonne-les-Bains, Nancy, Thonon-les-Bains, Santenay, and Lectoure. ValVital attracts more than 50,000 spa visitors each year and generates a turnover of nearly 40 million euros, with 68% made in the health and wellness tourism sector.

The Challenge

ValVital, composed of about fifteen companies, manages more than a thousand employees, including seasonal and permanent staff. The regulatory constraints on the HR sector are constantly evolving. In 2019, the group needed a robust solution to replace its aging system. Catherine Riac, then CIO and shareholder of the group, was looking for a provider capable of updating their software.

The requirement was very specific: to be able to create and modify employment contracts very quickly as part of validation workflows by managers. The solution also needed to support ValVital in entering variable payroll elements, in the analytical part (for different positions), and in managing absences. An additional constraint: the group has been using Docusign since 2017 for signing employment contracts. It was therefore essential that this tool be integrated into the new system.

Our Solution

The HR department of ValVital turned to Axelor for its ergonomics and the ease of configuration offered by its Low Code approach. The ERP automated most of the group’s HR processes while retaining the flexibility necessary to overcome regulatory changes. In parallel, a validation protocol to detect errors before contract signings was created through specific development. With the modernization of its system, the HR function has significantly gained in time and accuracy.

The time savings are invaluable! And especially, we notice far fewer errors in the drafting of employment contracts. This is crucial for us, as every mistake in a contract or amendment can lead to labor court cases.

— Details Catherine Riac, CIO at ValVital.

ValVital’s specifications were fully met. Docusign is now integrated into Axelor’s standards. This complementarity between the two solutions allows 70% of contracts to be easily signed from a phone today.

The Results

Axelor’s solution was deployed on an initial scope of supplier contracts, despite the COVID pandemic that marked the year 2020.

Since then, the ValVital group has been using Axelor’s Low Code ERP for its 15 companies. About fifty HR staff use the solution daily to sign between 500 and 600 contracts and amendments each year.

We were able to do specific development that met our needs. With this solution, we have managed to automate our tasks, our processes, and we have significantly gained in flexibility and responsiveness.

— Concludes Catherine Riac, CIO at ValVital.

With the more recent acquisition of three new companies, the group continues to strengthen its partnership with Axelor, testifying to the success of this collaboration.

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