Enterprise Social Network

Enterprise Social Network for Seamless Communication with Axelor

Advanced communication

Simplified exchanges between colleagues

Enhance communication within your teams. Axelor simplifies exchanges through comments and discussions within the application. Create discussion groups and easily add members or let users join groups of their choice.

Don’t leave any comments unanswered. Allow your users to mention other colleagues in their comments to ensure a complete follow-up of discussions. In-app alerts or email notifications ensure transparent communication.

Enjoy smooth communication with external collaborators through the integration of emails into the social network. Email responses are automatically added to the discussion, and Axelor provides a natively responsive application for flexible participation from any device.

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Seamless Integration with Your DMS

Maximize collaboration and document management by connecting our Open Source DMS to the social network. Users can attach documents to their comments, whether they come from the DMS or their own computer.


Be Immediately Notified of the Most Important Changes

The system can track changes in business process steps and record modifications. Want to closely monitor an important order or the payment of an invoice? Subscribe to the relevant record and receive a notification whenever there is progress.

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Why Choose Axelor’s Enterprise Social Network?


Improved collaboration

Facilitate collaboration between teams by streamlining exchanges and direct communication.


Easy tracking

Don't miss any discussions with instant notifications, ensuring continuous conversation tracking.


Simplified external communication

Collaborate with external partners by sharing discussions via emails, strengthening your business relationships.


Customization and control

Create discussion groups tailored to your needs and manage members intuitively.

Transform your company’s communication with the Axelor Enterprise Social Network

Simplify exchanges, strengthen collaboration, and increase operational efficiency. Try it today and discover how it can propel your business to new heights.