Axelor Template

Improve the quality of your documents with unparalleled customization and ease of sharing.

Document management

Simplify document creation

Axelor Template is a module that provides users with the ability to design custom document templates. These templates become powerful tools for generating documents quickly and effortlessly.


Why choose Axelor Template?

Time savings

  • Create documents quickly and efficiently using predefined templates.

Quality improvement

  • Format and structure your documents consistently, thereby improving their overall quality.


  • Insert specific data and images to create personalized and engaging documents. Harmonize your documents with your visual identity by customizing colors. Integrate your own images and logos for a personalized touch.

Ease of sharing

  • Export your documents in various formats such as PDF, Word, and Excel, making it easy to share with other collaborators.

Some examples of Axelor templates:


  • Create ready-to-use contract templates to simplify the drafting process.


  • Generate professional quotes quickly with a uniform layout.


  • Simplify invoicing with personalized and professional templates.


  • Design letter templates for formal and effective communication.

Marketing documents

  • Create compelling marketing documents to promote your business.

Legal documents

  • Develop compliant and professional legal document templates.

Advanced customization:

Graph creation

  • Visualize your data with custom graphs for impactful presentations.


  • Use aggregators to group and present your data in a meaningful way.

Barcode generation

  • Simplify processes by generating barcodes directly from your documents.

Hyperlink insertion

  • Facilitate navigation by inserting hyperlinks into your documents.

Dynamic column display

  • Customize column display on tables for a dynamic and adapted view.

Transform your official document creations with the Axelor Template module

Axelor Template offers maximum flexibility to create documents that perfectly match your needs. Simplify your document process while benefiting from in-depth customization.