AOS 6.2 – Axelor

Discover 4 of the new features that came with the 6.2 version!

Axelor is gaining in functional depth in order to meet your needs more specifically. The spectrum of new features covers many modules: from accounting to sales management, from scales to product configurators and label management, Axelor version 6.2 brings nearly a hundred new features and improvements to offer an even more fluid and complete experience.

Focus on 4 new features

1. The Accounting Module

For this new version, the accounting module has been revised and greatly improved, here are the new features just released:

  • Automated bank reconciliation: optimize the time spent on bank reconciliation and gain in efficiency. The automation of the reconciliation of accounting entries is controlled with fully customizable rules. In addition, there is a confidence index to facilitate controls.
  • Discount management: You can now configure your deadlines and discount rates.
  • DAS2 fee declaration: Concerning the DAS2 fee declaration, the management is done with the generation of two preparatory reports and an export in N4DS format.
  • Management of company VAT numbers: VAT numbers can be configured by companies and be automatically selected on sales and purchase orders.
  • Simulated accounting entries: You have the possibility to make simulated accounting entries.
  • Automated entry: Simplify your accounting entries thanks to the implementation of automated entries that save time and avoid entry errors.

Axelor 6.2 contains other new features in the accounting module:

The comparison of past years on balances, balance sheets and income statements
The addition of integrity controls for accounting data
The inclusion of the 2022 evolutions of the Trade of goods declaration
Improvement of FEC imports

2. Product configurators

Axelor ERP integrates commercial configurators to create customized products with different combinations of materials, sizes, and options. It allows to apply rules in the construction of the product and formulas to calculate various elements such as a dynamic sales price. Version 6.2 adds the management of customizable Studio fields. You will gain flexibility in the construction of configurator models by using fields created in No-code via the Studio on a product or a quote line.

3. Inventory management and label creation

With the Codesoft-Sentinel connector: barcode label creation and printing control (link to the Teklynx connector)

Axelor interfaces with Codesoft and Sentinel labeling solutions from Teklynx, the world leader in barcode and RFID software. Now, from the ERP, you can define your label frames for your shipping, stock tracking and production needs, then launch your prints on the main printers on the market.

4. Commercial management of scales

Version 6.2 brings a lot of new features for the sales module with the functionality of managing scales. In orders it is now possible to create scales for quote/order lines. The scales make it possible to define the field of an order or an order line according to classification and result rules.
This functionality can be used in many ways. It can allow the automatic calculation of a product’s selling price according to the quantities ordered and the type of customer, or the calculation of shipping costs according to the weight of the order or the customer’s geographical area. The scales help you to manage complex pricing cases.

To go further

Find all the new features by consulting the Change log →

You want to test new features? Axelor is Open Source. You can install it directly on your servers from GitHub →