White paper – The 6 key steps to make your ERP changeover a success

Everything you need to know to ensure your seamless ERP specifications

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    Changing or implementing an ERP within a company is a critical project

    When the project is successfully completed, the organizational optimization and cost reduction are significant and can transform the trajectory of a company.

    But on such a complex project, there are many obstacles.
    And failures can have disastrous consequences.
    The monetary and human costs of a project that goes wrong or falls behind schedule can jeopardize the stability of the company.

    To avoid discovering problems during the project implementation, the first essential step in your ERP project would be to establish an exhaustive and precise set of specifications to anticipate all possible scenarios as well as how to deal with them.

    When facing such a complex project, it can be difficult to know how to structure this document to avoid forgetting any important elements!

    That’s why we’ve put together our 16 years of ERP implementation experience in this white paper.

    It will guide you step by step in the realization of your specifications to lay a solid foundation and make your ERP change project a success.

    What you will learn

    1. How to properly define the objectives of the specifications
    2. The needs of your company to identify before starting
    3. How to describe business processes in a clear and concrete way
    4. How to define your needs: classify and prioritize
    5. Identify the constraints of the IS without forgetting any important elements
    6. The best way to manage the project to make it a success

    " In less than 3 months, Axelor was not only able to perceive our needs and respond perfectly, but also showed proactivity to anticipate possible future problems. Indeed, through their regular and informed advice and the technical excellence of Axelor's teams, the company was able to propose innovative solutions to improve the customer experience. "

    Testimonial Item

    Stanislas Prigent

    COO - Octopia

    " Initially, we had planned to develop a single module for management and purchasing. Then we quickly realized that the other departments of the company were also looking for an automated solution. So, we extended the scope of our needs and the choice of Axelor was obvious, because of its flexibility, its ease of use, and its very complete library of modules. "

    Testimonial Item

    Goulven Jorand

    IT Manager - Apex

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