Top 25 Companies Where Employees Find the Most Meaning in their Work!

happy at work
After a sixth place in the HappyIndex®AtWork ranking in 2022, we are delighted to share with you that Axelor is ranked seventh in the top 25 companies where employees find the most meaning in their work. 🏆

This ranking is based on a survey conducted by ChooseMyCompany on 57,456 respondents in 1,675 companies who answered the question “I find meaning in my work”.

This recognition is important to Axelor, as it demonstrates our commitment to providing a fulfilling salary experience as well as a pleasant and respectful work environment for all our employees.

How is the EngagementScore® calculated?

Following a ChooseMyCompany survey, 4 criteria out of 25 points are analyzed and summed up to form the EngagementScore®:

  • overall satisfaction: the % of positive responses on the whole EngagementIndex® model
  • the positivity of the verbatims: the % of positive themes mentioned by the company’s employees on the open questions. This rate may be affected by the presence of Illegal Social Risks (harassment, aggression, racism, discrimination, etc.).
  • the participation rate: the % of company employees who participated in the survey
  • the recommendation rate: the % of positive responses to the question “I recommend my company…”.



Axelor values:

Customer satisfaction
We are passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences, and make customer satisfaction our prority.

We strive to empower our employees to reach their full potential and find fulfillment, knowing that their success is our success.

Team spirit
We believe in the power of teamwork, as we take advantage of each team member’s strengths to achieve our goals.

We foster a culture of open-mindedness and innovation, where new ideas are encouraged and explored.

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