Axelor Interview for ERP Today: Delve into the realm of Low Code software tools

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In a recent interview with ERP Today, Axelor CEO Laith Jubair shares insights into the world of Low Code software tools, highlighting their benefits and addressing common misconceptions. The discussion, led by Stephanie Ball, delves into Axelor’s journey and its position in the competitive ERP market, challenging traditional leaders with its innovative, Open Source solutions.

Laith underscores the versatility and potential of Low Code platforms, emphasizing that they are not just for simple applications, but can also handle complex business processes. This approach has gradually changed the perception among businesses, encouraging them to explore more agile and adaptable software solutions.

The conversation wraps up with a look into the future of Low Code technology and its impact on the workforce. Laith believes in the power of these tools to democratize software development, making it more accessible and fostering collaboration between IT professionals and business analysts.