How to Set Up a BPM Process?

Preliminary Steps

In order to define the requirements, the first thing to do is to draw up an assessment of the company or the organization and for that there are a certain number of tools which allow for a comprehensive view of the matter.

The challenge here is to collect as much information as possible on the work habits and especially the objectives that the committees are trying to achieve.

Define the Objectives

Once we have taken stock of the existing situation, the second and perhaps most important step is to identify the objectives that must be achieved. These can be meta objectives that concern the entire business, but also more detailed objectives at the level of a production department, for example. Without this step, the whole planning process loses its strategic interest, and does not allow for the implementation of a continuous optimization of the processes. (See the last step)

Identify Working Methods

It is essential at this stage to observe the current working methods. With an outside view, we will try to understand and break down the explicit and implicit work steps. This produces a first draft and puts in place a business process model for the company.

The other step, which is also crucial for the success of this type of project, is to collect information from the users who are placed in the workflow chains.

Continuous Process Optimization

This work of identifying working methods has a fundamental objective. In particular, it is a matter of succeeding in making the processes that we are going to develop coincide as much as possible with existing work habits.

This may of course require changes to working methods, but it is important to understand how people currently work in order to be able to propose optimization, since that is the idea behind the BPM process, which is to optimize what already exists.