Open Source Document management system

Open Source Integrated Solution for a Simple Document Management system. All your documents are just a click away.

What is a Document Management software?

A Document Management system is a software that offers an effective alternative to traditional document management solutions. It should not be confused with an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) tool, which primarily focuses on the content of the organization.

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With the rise of digitization, businesses are realizing that paper files are inconvenient, take up space, are difficult to classify, and are easily lost. That is why many businesses choose to undergo digital transformation, choosing to digitize their documents using computer tools. Document management tools allow you to store, classify, and easily find the documents in your business as their role is to centralize the documentary base of your company. This solution streamlines the process of sharing information internally with your employees and externally with your partners or customers. With its many features, Document Management software offers you secure and intelligent management of all the documents required for the proper functioning of your business. An essential tool for the digital transformation of businesses, the Document Management solution allows your company to adapt to the different technological developments.
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What are the benefits of using an Open Source Document Management software for your business?

Document management is a time-consuming task for many businesses. To alleviate these tasks, it is necessary to adopt tools that can support your digital transformation. Document Management software is frequently used in businesses, automating the management of electronic files, providing immediate availability of your files and therefore, faster exploitation of the information being sought. The time saved can then be invested in multiple other projects within your organization.

Through the integration of an Open Source Document Management software within your business, you can customize the electronic management of your documents according to your needs. This flexibility allows you to build a system that meets your expectations and aligns with your goals. This solution not only allows you to save time, but also streamlines communication with your partners and prospects. For management positions, the Document Management solution facilitates teamwork and internal communication.

Defining an organized structure for document management within your business results in significant productivity gains. The quick access to information allows faster decision-making.

Restructuring your management processes through a Document Management system also has an impact on your company’s expenses. Digitalization reduces costs due to a significant decrease in paper printing, ink usage, and postal mailings. It is for these same reasons that using a Document Management software is part of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach as it helps limit the environmental impact of a company.

Document Management software allows you to have total control over the different documents circulating within your company. They also allow you to find the previous version of a file thanks to the history.

This is where the project of integrating an Open Source Document Management solution comes in handy. It is important to find the Document Management software that will best suit your needs and the various functions of the company among the various solutions listed on the web.

How to set up a Document Management system within your company?

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To set up a Document Management system within your company, preparation is required beforehand. Different solutions are proposed on the web for Document Management software. To make a document management product that will be suitable in all respects of your company’s needs, it is necessary to first highlight your short, medium, and long-term document needs. It is important to determine the quantity and nature of the documents that the Document Management software will have to manage.

During a digitization project, it is also necessary to determine if a digital environment already exists within the organization and what it represents. This will allow you to measure the impact of this change on the different business processes.

An important step is to name a reference person for the project. Whether the project is carried out by an external provider or by an internal employee, naming a reference person will allow the link between the different project stakeholders to be made more smoothly and efficiently.

By collecting this information, it is possible to adjust the exact content necessary for the implementation of the Document Management system that will meet your expectations.

Indeed, the implementation of a Document Management system is not improvised, these steps will give life to your project to integrate a Document Management system and ensure the security of deployment.

The final step is to identify the Document Management software that will best suit you. We invite you to discover the various advantages of the Axelor Open Source Document Management solution.

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Why choose the Open Source Axelor’s Document Management system for your company?

Discover the multiple benefits that Axelor Open Source EDM software can offer your business:

Simple and effective handling

Discover the multiple advantages that the Open Source Axelor’s Document Management software can offer your company:
Axelor has an integrated Electronic Document Management ready to use. You can load documents into the application with a simple “drag and drop” and download all the documents from the application instantly and in bulk to your computer. An intuitive interface for significant time savings!

Generate your documents directly from the application

The creation of word processing and spreadsheet processing is directly integrated into the application. You have access to the creation and modification history for each document. This history allows you to find a later version.

Customized tree structure

Axelor’s Document Management solution tree structure is double. On the one hand, there is the structure given to it by the application, based on the attachment of documents to the application records (quotes, orders, etc.). On the other hand, is the structure you decide to establish: indeed, you can create your own tree structure of folders in the interface according to your needs and expectations.

Respected confidentiality

Each user can decide for each document which permissions, if any, to grant to other users. Thus, it is possible to decide who is authorized to read, modify, and delete the documents, with just a few clicks.

Access security

GDPR is a major challenge for all companies, so protecting data is a very sensitive issue. With Axelor’s Document Management software, each user has a unique login access. By granting specific access rights by user type, our electronic document management software allows you to optimize collaboration between your employees while reducing the risk of leakage of a document or confidential data. You control the circulation of information within your teams to ensure the security of your data.

Find your documents when you need them

Axelor allows you to easily find all your documents thanks to document categorization and advanced search functions. In addition, you have the possibility to apply custom tags on your documents for simplified search. These multiple functions have the significant advantage of reducing the risk of document loss.

Your documents are accessible at any time

You can indicate with a flag that a content is accessible offline from the mobile application. A simple synchronization, and all the documents necessary for your users are at hand at all times both online and offline. This immediate availability represents a real asset in your daily work to increase your productivity.

Keep your documents safe

Document Management solutions allow you to easily search for the necessary documents for the proper functioning of your business and minimize the risk of loss. You are responsible for the preservation of your data (archives, receipts, etc.). Their security is, therefore, an important issue, as is the verification of their accuracy. Bringing together files in one place, being able to hierarchize them, and allowing colleagues to access them while managing access rights are the main features of Document Management systems! These features greatly facilitate the daily work of your colleagues.

Flexible and intuitive

The standard electronic document management application can usually be used without coding, customization, or special installation. Whether you are familiar or not with computer science, simply configure your document types and access rights using the already present configuration options in the interface. If your document management needs are particular, you can also customize the module, either by using BPM or by developing what you need.

No matter the nature of your documents (invoices, purchase orders, contracts, expenses, etc.) and no matter your industry, document management in Axelor allows you to manage your documents on the different objects in the system. Axelor supports users in adapting their tools to help businesses stay competitive.

Axelor’s open source document management software encompasses all the advantages of an electronic document management tool through unique ergonomics and modularity. With this innovative process, ensure the optimized management of your company’s documents and quickly respond to your customers’ expectations. All in a secure way!