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Discover the world of BPM

➡ Discover the Axelor Low-Code BPM
➡ What is a BPM?
➡ What is the BPMN Standard?
➡ How to Set Up a BPM Process?
➡ Activities in the BPMN Standard
➡ The Low-Code BPM Revolution
➡ BPM Use Case: Clinical Study

➡ Understanding the Need

➡ Modelling a Business Process with the BPM

➡ Deploying a Functional Business Application from the BPM

➡ Get the Best Out of Low-Code BPMs


➡ Introduction to BPM and BPMN
➡ BPMN activities
➡ BPMN events
➡ [PART 2] BPMN events

White Paper

Adopt a process logic with the BPMN to gain in readability and agility

➡ White Paper – the BPMN standard
Gestion de processus - Progiciel de Gestion Intégré