Release of Axelor Open Suite version 7.1
Discover the list of new features and enhancements



Entry of accounting entries by the kilometer:

Possibility of entering accounting entries by the kilometer, with automatic creation of headers. This feature enables fast, ergonomic entry of accounting entries, thanks to the automated functions already in place.

Payment session - generation of a single entry:

Use a suspense account on payment sessions to generate a single bank entry.

Currency amounts signed on entries:

Currency amounts are now signed on entries. This means that a credited amount will have a negative currency value, while a deducted amount will have a positive currency value.

Offsetting on payment sessions

This feature allows you to offset customer invoices against supplier payments, or supplier invoices against customer payments.

Bank reconciliation

Added reconciliation of different accounts and management of payment differences.

Other new features

Improved debt collection, customized accounting reports and the addition of analytical distribution at trade name level.


Budget management

Integration of a new budget management module:

  • Multi-level budgeting.
  • Budget templates and imports.
  • Validation workflows.
  • Budget tracking of forecasts, commitments, and actuals.
  • Analytical breakdown and budget allocation.
Gestion budgétaire



  • Addition of a powerful search tool that enables searches to be made across multiple object types (opportunities, leads, events, etc.), using keywords and configurable mapping.
  • New, simplified lead conversion process.
  • Added a kanban view for leads and prospects, enabling their status to be changed via drag & drop.
  • Added statuses to leads. This feature allows the user to follow up a lead using a personalized process by customizing the follow-up steps.
  • Contacts linked together with the same email address domain are now displayed.
  • Redesigned menu architecture.


Project / Business project management

Time and financial tracking of tasks and projects

  • Added time tracking and financial tracking for tasks and projects. These indicators, visible by task and by project, provide an immediate view of time (estimated, planned, updated, and spent) and financial tracking of projects (forecast, actual, and landing).

Improved business project management

  • Improved and simplified project generation from quotes and orders.
  • Improved UX of tasks, projects, and configurations in the job costing application.
Projet / Gestion à l'affaire


Contract management

Contracter - Contrat intelligent
  • New functionality enabling annual contract prices to be re-evaluated on the basis of index values. This means that if you include price revision clauses in your contracts, you can now revalue them en masse.
    Revaluation formulas and indices can be used to calculate new prices and revalue contracts.
  • Add pro rata invoicing by line.
  • Add discounts on contract lines.


Human resources

  • New dashboards for employees and managers, with customized views enabling them to immediately visualize their HR information.
  • Reorganization of HR module menus, and addition of a new “My HR” menu giving employees easy access to their data and requests: leave requests, timesheets, expense reports, overtime, etc.
  • Improved skills management.
  • Improved meal voucher management process.
  • Management of multi-currency expense reports and simplified submission of receipts.
Ressources humaines


Supply Chain / Inventory

New Kardex module

  • Interface with Kardex storage machines, with ERP-integrated processes for managing product supply and storage.
  • On the supply side, this enables the provision of components for deliveries and production supplies.
  • On the storage side, this enables components received or products manufactured following a production order to be stored in the best possible way.

Module features:

  • Kardex-specific inventories.
  • Control on maximum quantity or height.
  • Queue optimization.
  • Tray categorization.
  • FIFO / LIFO management.



Logos gsuite et office 365

Enhanced Gsuite and Office 365 modules (Pro and Enterprise versions):

These two connectors enable contacts, events, and emails to be synchronized with Gmail and Outlook. They are accompanied by extensions in the mailboxes, enabling direct access to certain CRM data.


Mobile application

Release of the iOS version of the new mobile application.

Leads module mobile
Leads module mobile
Leads module mobile