Discover Axelor v8

The entire Axelor team is proud to announce the launch of Version 8 of our Axelor Open Suite ERP, a version that represents a decisive turning point thanks to its brand new graphical interface and a multitude of new features.

A Completely Modernized New Interface

This new interface aims to provide users with a completely redesigned interface that makes Axelor Open Suite not only more intuitive and efficient but also more pleasant to use.
This complete overhaul of the interface is based on new technology that will enable future enhancements in terms of ergonomics and design, and unprecedented flexibility in interface customization.

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What’s New in Version 8?

Version 8 of Axelor, in addition to its brand new interface, offers new products, numerous features, and substantial improvements.

All the tools of Low code applications are now integrated into the platform, from form design, process management, reporting, printing, and connection to other applications.

The New Products

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The Evolutions of Axelor Open Suite


Tour Management:

This new feature allows for the planning of sales tours and obtaining a route by displaying the different addresses of the tour on a map. A mobile version will soon accompany this functionality.


Quotes: Editable quote lines

This new feature allows for an editable list on customer quote lines, enabling rapid keyboard entry of quote lines on the fly.

The classic features related to quotes are included with this new functionality: multiple quantities, price lists, complementary products, discounts, packs, etc.


Improvement of the sales order merging process.


Purchase Orders

Improvement of the order merging process.

Supplier Catalog

Management of maximum order quantities.

Accounting and Invoicing

Invoices: Group invoicing of orders

This feature provides the ability to group multiple orders into a single invoice.

Accounting Entries: Visual Overhaul

The view of accounting entries has been revised and simplified to provide better ergonomics.

Doubtful Debts: Preview of accounting entries

You can easily preview the entries to be recorded as doubtful debts.

Budget Management

Budget Generator

Optimize budget management with the new budget generator that allows for the automatic construction of a budget based on a structure and a budget scenario. To ensure the best decisions are made and to build coherent budgets, you can rely on the history of the past years to compare different assumptions of the budget scenario and preview the result before generating the budget for a selected year.

Optimization of Budget Structure and Budget Validation

The budget structure is now more streamlined, allowing for the creation of an unlimited number of intermediate levels. Sub-levels within the budget can also be validated separately for better control.

Printing a Budget Scenario

You can now print a draft of the Multi-Year Financial Plan based on the budget scenario.

Budget Tracking on Projects

With this new feature, you can manage budgets for each of your projects and thus precisely track the consumption of budgets defined for each project. It is possible to associate one or more projects with a budget, and conversely, associate one or more budgets with a project.

Budget Key: Automatic Budget Allocation

A new option available in the overall budget allows for automatic budget allocation upon the validation/distribution of orders, invoices, or accounting entries.

Inventory Management and Supply Chain

Delivery/Reception: Ability to regenerate a stock movement from a return

From a supplier or customer return, you can now generate a new delivery or receipt note with the returned products.

Stock Location Valuation Status: Valuation as of Date

The valuation status of stock locations is now available as of a specific date, not just the current date. This allows you to find the valuation of your stocks on any given date.

Tracking Number: Improvement in tracking number management

Net Requirements Calculation: New safety lead time on purchase and manufacturing order proposals

This new feature allows for the addition of a safety lead time between the requirement date and the proposed date of the MRP for purchase and manufacturing orders.

Stock Movement

Stock Movement Merging

  • Adding the ability to merge various stock movements while respecting specific conditions unique to each type of movement, such as the delivered third party on delivery notes.

Inheritance of Finished Products on Delivery Notes

  • This new configuration allows for automatic completion of delivery notes from manufacturing orders. Finished products are inherited on the delivery note at the end of the manufacturing order.


CAD Import

It is now possible to import bills of materials and their documents from CAD software using a linkage file. The import is configurable to allow not only the update of bills of materials on existing product records but also the creation of new product records.

Subcontracting: Comprehensive Review of the Functionality

  • New menu entries.
  • Differentiation of subcontracted / subcontractable MOs / with subcontracting services.
  • Ability to define multiple subcontractors per routing.
  • Declaration of delivery to subcontractors from the MO.
  • Review of how to automatically complete subcontracting orders.

Production Planning / Work Centers: Improvements and optimizations

Adding new calendars for planning employee schedules and for group charge station schedules, and a new load tracking chart.

The phases of work centers have also been improved for better ergonomics.

Customer Support

Tickets: Dynamic Statuses

Ticket statuses are now configurable directly from the application, allowing you to easily create and customize the different processing stages of your tickets.

Quality Management

Dissemination of corrective and preventive actions: Customizable document

For each corrective or preventive action, it is now possible to generate a customizable document with Axelor Template for the person responsible for the action (client, supplier, employee, contact). For corrective actions, it will also be possible to record the partner’s response, who may accept or reject the proposed corrective action.

Quality Control: Control Ranges

This new feature allows for the implementation of creating control ranges for products or services, and the ability to record the results of conducted controls.

Human Resources

Expense Management

It is now possible to view expense lines that are not linked to an expense report. This allows for direct entry from the mobile application before selecting them to create an expense report.

Absence Types

Improvement of absence types to automatically include new types in the leave counters. The entire management of absence types has been revised for more automation. Three types of absence types have also been added, along with proration at the date of hire and annual reset with the option to transfer any remaining leave to another type of absence.


This new version introduces several features that facilitate the management of country-specific nuances. Simplify the management of currencies, addresses, and translations for accuracy and customization tailored to each country and its local specificities.

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Currency: Management of decimals on currencies

Decimals are now managed by currency to accommodate the local specificities of each country.

Addresses: Address formatting rules based on the country

To facilitate the management of addresses according to the specificities of each country, addresses are now formatted according to an address model that adheres to the standards in force across different territories.


The new localization feature enhances the user experience by offering advanced customization of the application according to the user’s country. This advancement allows for the harmonization and simplification of managing linguistic preferences and date and number formats, tailored to the geographical context of each user.

Translation: New translation management tool

It is now possible to add any language to the platform and easily manage translations for it.

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Mobile Application

Dashboard : Creation of dashboards for the mobile app

It is now possible to access dashboard creation for the mobile application.

Other General New Features of the ERP

Scales: Generalization to all objects

This generalization to all objects will allow you to benefit from the power of scales to apply dynamic calculation formulas, not limited to customer quotes but extended to every object in the ERP. Thanks to an integration based on formulas to trigger launch rules, this feature opens up unprecedented horizons for the automation and optimization of your operations.

Sequences: Complete Customization

It is now possible to create sequences with an alphanumeric model, and to use formulas to customize prefixes and suffixes.